Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Embed word document into SharePoint 2013 site

In this article we will discuss about how we can embed a word document to a SharePoint page.

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As we know office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 are tightly integrated, we can now embed word document to a SharePoint page. Follow below steps:

Open the word document and click on File ->Share

Click on Embed option present there. Copy the embeded code presented in the box. Also you can adjust the height and width of the page.

Navigate to the SharePoint page where you want to embed the word document.

Then Edit the page and From the ribbon select Format Text, from there click on Edit source presented in the Ribbon.

Now paste the embeded code that we copied in Step-2.

Now Save and Publish the page, the word document will appear.


Morten Reintoft said...

Hmm dont work for me. I only get the url on the page

Bijay Kumar said...

@Morten Reintoft
Have u followed the same steps?

Matthew L Carter said...

My old co worker said that they have no intention of upgrading to SharePoint 2013 as it was for Windows 8 and they weren't upgrading to it. Is SharePoint 2013 assumedly "fine" on Windows 7 SP1 and Office 2010 SP1?

Anonymous said...

How do you change the default zoom in the embedded doc instead of having it zoom to fit the area? I would like to make it 100% no matter how big or small the windows is.


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