Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to give item level permission in SharePoint 2013 list items?

We will discuss how we can provide item level permission to list or document library items in SharePoint 2013. Through this item level permission, we can define unique permission to that particular item.

In this sample, I have a list name as TestList1 and I want to give item level permission to one of the list items. First, open your list in the browser and then select the particular list item and then click on ... like below:

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This will open the menu, click on "Shared With" as shown in the fig below:

In the Shared With dialog box, it will display to whom the item has been shared. Click on ADVANCED as shown in the fig below:

This will open the PERMISSIONS page. Each item has a permission of the parent by default. To give unique permission we need to Stop inheriting permission from the parent and then we can give unique permission to the item. So click on "Stop Inheriting Permission" as shown in the fig below:

If you are using chrome browser, then Stop Inheriting Permission will come under PERMISSIONS -> Inheritance -> Stop Inheriting Permissions like below:

Then this will display a message saying you are about to create unique permission for this item... Click on OK.

Now you can give permission by clicking on the Grant Permission button from the Ribbon or you can select any group and click on Edit User Permissions if you want to modify any user permissions as shown in the fig below:

Similarly, if you want to remove permission for any particular group, then you can select the group and click on Remove User Permissions. It all depends on your need.

Revert Back:
Now if you want to revert back and want to inherit permission level from the parent then simply click on Delete unique permissions as shown in the fig below:

Then it will ask for a confirmation message that you are about to inherit permission from the parent... Click on OK.

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