Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Change master page in SharePoint 2013

Here we will discuss how we can change master page in SharePoint 2013. SharePoint 2013 has two new default master page: seattle.master and oslo.master. The difference between seattle.master and oslo.master is that if you use oslo.master, the top navigation pane is replaced with the left navigation pane, and the side bar on the left disappears. Meaning that normally in the left navigation Home, Documents, Recent, Site Contents links usually appears. When you apply oslo.master these links will appear in the top navigation pane. And there will be no links in the left side bar.

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The default master page in SharePoint 2013 is called seattle.master. But if you want to change you can do this from the browser itself.

Open SharePoint site, go to Site Settings.

From the Look and Feel, click on Master page. This will open the Site Master Page Settings page.

In this page, There are two sections one for Site Master Page and another ont for System Master Page. From the dropdown select the master page, which you want to use and then click on OK. The changes will be reflected.

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