Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hover panel in SharePoint 2013 search results

In this post we will discuss about the new hover panel introduced in SharePoint 2013 search. You can also check out some new features like CAML designer for SharePoint 2013, New in developer dashboard in SharePoint 2013 and OAuth in SharePoint 2013.

There are huge improvements towards SharePoint 2013 search interface compared to SharePoint 2010, So that it will be more familiar to users of popular search engines like google.

SharePoint 2013 introduced a new thing known as hover panel. This will be visible when user hover a search result item. This is basically a panel which shows some more information about the search result.

It provides information like:

- Search popularity and view counts from the analytic component.

- A preview for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents as long as we have Office Web Apps available or some other rich preview such as an image or video.

- Additional actions i.e. Follow, Edit or View this content etc.

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