Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Save site as template in SharePoint 2013

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First of all those who have design level permission or more than that, they can save a site as a template.

Here in custom web template apart from security related information other information like list, document libraries, web parts etc will be saved in the custom web template.

This will be saved as a file with .wsp extension in the solution gallery of the site collection.

Follow below steps:

- Open the SharePoint 2013 site for which you want to save the template. Then on the Settings menu select Site Settings.

- This will open the site settings page, In the Site Actions section, "Click on Save site as template".

- This will open the Save as Template page, there give a file name, Template Name, Description etc. If you want to include the content then check the check box "Include Content" as shown in the fig below:

- Then click on OK, this will save the template.

Now if you want to create a new site by using the site template that we have created just now, then click on +new site. This will open the New SharePoint Site page. In the template section when you click on Custom then the template will come as shown in the fig below:

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