Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Benefits of community sites in SharePoint 2013

In this blog we will discuss about some benefits of community site in SharePoint 2013.

Community Sites offer several benefits over email, instant messaging, or other communication methods, including:

1- The availability of all Community Site content to all members of the community.

2- Full retention of discussion history in compliance with corporate governance guidelines.

3- Built-in search, which enables members to search all content in the community.

4- Ratings, which enable members to vote on individual posts and replies. Ratings contribute to the reputation of community members.

5- An achievement system that rewards members for participation in the community.

6- Categorization of content to improve discoverability and simplify maintenance.

7- Site maintenance via SharePoint lists, which provide a familiar interface and enable you to take advantage of the rich governance, records management, and workflow integration features of SharePoint.

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