Sunday, August 25, 2013

Advantages of SharePoint 2013 Apps

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Here are some advantages of SharePoint 2013 Apps:

- Apps are self-contained and independent of SharePoint server deployments. Any SharePoint environment can install and host an app without worrying about farm deployments or administrator approvals.

- Apps reduce platform risks, freeing the platform from worrying about app-based customizations during service packs and updates. Because the app is effectively an external web application running in an iFrame, SharePoint doesn’t need to worry about putting customizations at risk when an approved Microsoft service release makes changes to the server.

- Apps are deployed by default to isolated subsites within a specialized domain. This domain
isolation leverages modern web browser technologies to prevent cross-site scripting attacks,
whereas the external hosting model prevents unauthorized or incorrectly written code from
executing on the SharePoint server.

- Apps are designed to support multitenant installations. The site administration-controlled
approach to installing and managing functionality eliminates unintentional farm-level customizations, allowing numerous distinct tenants to occupy the same farm.

- Apps lower the bar for developers by supporting any web technology that can emit HTML,
CSS, and JavaScript. This includes any flavor of ASP.Net, Java, Ruby, PHP, CoffeeScript,
TypeScript, and more.

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