Thursday, September 5, 2013

Managed Meta Data in SharePoint 2013

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There is not much changes in managed meta data in SharePoint 2013 compared to SharePoint 2010.

Like SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 managed meta-data groups can be local or global. A global group is the one that can be used by any site collection connected to the same instance of the MMS application. A local group is one that although stored in the MMS application database is only available to a specific site collection.

In SharePoint 2010, users could reuse terms in the term hierarchy. After these terms were reused,
they could be updated and deleted in both the source and the referenced term sets. But in SharePoint 2013 introduced a new operation for terms: term pinning. A pinned term is just like a
reused term except it is read-only and cannot be modified (updated or deleted) in the referenced
term sets.

SharePoint 2013 now includes the ability to work with custom properties in terms and term sets through the browser, and CSOM APIs are added for remote clients. Custom properties are either shared or local.

Custom properties are either shared or local. Those available in all reused and pinned instances of the term are called shared custom properties. Local properties are only accessible for the term within the source term sets.

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