Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tips for naming convention for URL in SharePoint 2013

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While creating SharePoint objects like sites, lists or libraries, we should follow some naming conventions.  There are two name values one is Title or Name and the other one is Uniform Resource Locator (URL) name.

While creating site, it always gave two options one is Title or name and other one is the URL. We should follow some standards while giving the URL for a site, list or document library.
Below are some standards:

- The URL name should be descriptive, intuitive, and easy to remember.

- The URL name should be small, because There is a limit on the number of total char-acters available for the entire website address. If you will provide long name then you could face problem.

- The URL name should not contain spaces. Spaces in the address bar are re-placed with %20 and take up three characters each. Spaces also make the website address difficult to use in an email and difficult for others to read.

You should replace space with underscore, so that it will be easily understandable.

- The URL name should be used consistently.

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