Friday, January 16, 2015

Infosys SharePoint Interview Questions

Here are few SharePoint interview questions asked in a technical interview in Infosys.

1- Tell something about yourself specially the projects you have done in SharePoint

2- What are the difference between SharePoint 2013 and 2010

3- What are App models and what is the difference between sharepoint hosted app and provider

hosted app?

4- What is difference between site collections and sites? When to choose site collection over sites?

5- What is a visual web part? And where you have used visual web part is your project?

6- What is feature? How you can deploy your feature?

7- Have you created any master page in SharePoint 2013?

8- What is difference between Site definition and site template?

9- What is difference between SPSite and SPWeb?

10- Can you write some server object model code to insert an item to a sharepoitn list.

11- Have you worked in infopath in sharepoint 2013? Next version of infopath will not come, then

why you still working on that?

12- Have you written any CAML query? Can you write a sample query?

13- Have you ever work on Search?

14- How crawling works in SharePoint 2010?

15- How search will work if you try to retrieve items from a very large list (more than 1 lakhs

records are there)?

16- My SharePoint site's performace is not good, what are things you will check?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the questions.
Have you cleared your cleared your interview?

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