Thursday, June 25, 2015

SharePoint 2013 Quick Edit in List and Disable quick edit in SharePoint 2013 List

In SharePoint 2013 here is a good option to edit SharePoint 2013 list item through quick edit item option. To use this Open your SharePoint 2013 list and then from the Ribbon click on LIST tab and then Quick Edit button as shown in the fig below:

When you click on Quick Edit button, it will display in the Edit mode or Datasheet mode for editing List Items. It will display as below:

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Disable Quick Edit in SharePoint 2013 List:
To disable quick edit in SharePoint 2013 list, Open the list using browser and then click on List Settings from the Ribbon. From the General Settings click on Advanced settings.

Then in the List Settings page, go to the Quick Edit section select No like below:

Now if you open the list, then you will be able to see the quick edit button is disabled.

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