Monday, May 6, 2013

Limits of SharePoint online in Office 365 Small Business plan

Here are some limits of  SharePoint online in Office 365 Small Business plan

- There is 500 MB storage per subscribed user.

- The site collection quota limit is upto 100 GB per site collection. And the minimum storage allocation per site collection is 24MB.

- There can be only 1 site collection per tenant.

- There can have up to 2,000 subsites per site collection.

- Total available tenant storage is 10 GB + 500 MB per user.

- Personal site storage limit is 7 GB per user.

- Public Website storage default limit is 5 GB but a SharePoint admin can allocate up to 100 GB.

- File upload limit is 250 MB per file.

- Number of user can be min of 1 to max of 50 users.

- You can invite upto 500 unique external users per month.

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