Friday, September 6, 2013

Result source in SharePoint 2013 search

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Result source is the new name for scopes and federated locations. Compared to SharePoint 2010, there are some changes in SharePoint 2013 result source.

Few Changes are:

- Result sources can be accessed from the search service application and in Search Settings at each site.

- In SharePoint 2010, FAST has been removed as an information protocol. There are 2 new protocols introduced.

1- Exchange SharePoint: Select Exchange protocol for results from Exchange.
2- Remote SharePoint: Select Remote SharePoint for results from a search service application hosted in a separate farm.

- Search Scope Rules has been removed, rather Now you can can specify a filter that will be applied to your queries using new Query Transformation settings. There is also a nice query builder that enables you to build your query transformations using a designer and sort and see the returned results in real time.

- The term scope is no longer used in SharePoint 2013 search and has been removed from the search UI.

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