Friday, October 25, 2013

SharePoint 2013 service application databases

In this post we will discuss about various service application databases available in SharePoint 2013.

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The below are the databases which are presented both in SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013 deployments.
- App Management database

App Management database stores the app licenses and permissions that are downloaded from the SharePoint Store or App Catalog, and is used by App Management Service application.

Default Database Name: AppManagement

- Business Data Connectivity database

The Business Data Connectivity service application database stores external content types and related objects.

Default Database Name: Bdc_Service_DB_<GUID>

- Search service application databases

The Search service application has four databases that support SharePoint 2013.

1- Search Administration: The Search Administration database hosts the Search service application configuration and access control list (ACL) for the crawl component.

Default Database Name: Search_Service_Application_DB_<GUID>

2- Analytics Reporting: The Analytics Reporting database stores the results for usage analysis reports and extracts information from the Link database when needed.

Default Database Name: Search_Service_Application_AnalyticsReportingStoreDB_<GUID>

3- Crawl: The Crawl database stores the state of the crawled data and the crawl history.

Default Database Name: Search_Service_Application_CrawlStoreDB_<GUID>

4- Link: The Link database stores the information that is extracted by the content processing component and the click through information.

Default Database Name: Search_Service_Application_LinkStoreDB_<GUID>

- Secure Store Service database

The Secure Store Service application database stores and maps credentials, such as account names and passwords.

Default Database Name: Secure_Store_Service_DB_<GUID>

- Usage and Health Data Collection database

Usage and Health Data Collection database stores health monitoring and usage data temporarily, and can be used for reporting and diagnostics and is used by Usage and Health Data Collection service application.

Default Database Name: SharePoint_Logging

- Subscription Settings database

It stores features and settings for hosted customers.

Default Database Name: SettingsServiceDB

There are other databases which are specific to SharePoint server 2013, we will discuss in other article.

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