Friday, March 14, 2014

Advantages of SharePoint Apps over SharePoint solutions

In this post we will discuss some of the advantages of SharePoint app over SharePoint solutions. Also you can check out:

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- Apps must be supported in Office 365 and in on-premises farms. SharePoint solutions will not support office 365. Only supports on-premises farms.

- App code never runs within the SharePoint host environment. But SharePoint solutions codes runs within SharePoint hosted environment. Like farm solutions runs within SharePoint worker process (w3wp.exe) and sandboxed solutions runs within SharePoint sandboxed worker process (SPUCWorker-Process.exe).

- App code programs against SharePoint sites by using web service entry points to minimize version-specific dependencies. But in case of SharePoint Apps, they need to check against whether it is working with the newer version of Microsoft.SharePoint.dll.

- App code is authenticated and runs under a distinct identity. But in SharePoint solutions, the code runs under the identity and with the permissions of a specific user.

- App permissions can be configured independently of user permissions. But in case of SharePoint solutions you can not configure permissions for a specific SharePoint solution.

- Apps are deployed by using a publishing scheme based on app catalogs. But to deploy a SharePoint solution you need a farm administrator and also sometimes you need to restart IIS.

- Apps that are published in a catalog are easier to discover, install, and upgrade. To upgrade a SharePoint from one version to another version is not an easy task.

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