Saturday, November 22, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Minimal Download Strategy

In this post we will discuss what is Minimal Download Strategy in SharePoint 2013 and how to enable or disable Minimal Download Strategy in SharePoint 2013.

Before this article we have discussed some of the new features of SharePoint 2013 as will as we have discussed how to use script editor web part with a sample code.

In the web application concept where user send a request and got a response back, the whole web page will be reloaded even if you update the whole page or a part in the page.  And this causes some performance issue for the end user like page loading time etc.

SharePoint 2013 introduced a new feature known as "Minimal Download Strategy (MDS)".  This Feature allows for partial page download which basically speedup page rendering. MDS alls
When MDS is enabled all pages for that site is rendered through the /_layouts/15/start.aspx page like when you request the home page or any other page then it will be like below:
URL when MDS is NOT enabled: http://site/SitePages/Home.aspx
URL when MDS is enabled: http://site/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Home.aspx
Internally the the start.aspx page has a specific JavaScript object asyncDeltaManager which is responsible for this activity.

How to Enable/Disable Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) Feature:
By default this Feature is enabled on Team sites, community sites etc in SharePoint 2013. Remmber if you Deactivate the feature to disable Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) then you will loose the benifit of caching.

To enable or disable MDS feature Open SharePoint site, then from the Settings icon click on Site Setting. This will open the Site Settings page, Click on Manage site features under Site Actions. Then in the Site Features page, search for "Minimal Download Strategy" featue. Then click on Activate (if you want to enable MDS) or DeActivate (if you want to disable MDS).

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