Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mobile apps for SharePoint 2013

Now SharePoint 2013 introduces another new and exciting feature for mobile users. Before reading this you can check out some new features in SharePoint 2013 also.

Now Windows phone apps and also apps built in non-microsoft mobile applications can access SharePoint web site.

You can build the application using Visual studio 2010 for windows phones. But for non microsoft devices you can use SharePoint REST/OData endpoints.

SharePoint 2013 Preview provides a framework and tools for developers, including Visual Studio 2010 project templates, to create mobile solutions that interact with SharePoint data both in on-premises SharePoint installations and in the cloud, using SharePoint Online.

One point here to remember is Multiple user logon in a single app in not supported.

SharePoint 2013 Preview offers a Visual Studio template to enable you to quickly and easily create SharePoint list applications for the Windows Phone.

The template will not be available automatically in visual studio 2010, To make this available we need to install the Windows Phone SharePoint SDK.

For example suppose you want to access and manipulate a list you can use Windows Phone SharePoint List Application template to make the Mobile app. Different SharePoint object model classes are available to work with it. Follow msdn site.

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