Saturday, October 27, 2012

SharePoint 2013 Boundaries and Limits

In this blog post we will discuss about some boundaries and limits of SharePoint 2013.

In my previous post, we have discussed about New webparts in SharePoint 2013, how to create a list using SharePoint 2013 client object model and New master pages introduced in SharePoint 2013.

Below are some Boundaries  and Limits of SharePoint 2013:

- SharePoint 2013 allows 2,50,000 site collection per web application.

- Now SharePoint 2013 supports 300 Content Databases per web application.

- Content database size can be 200GB for normal usuage and  4TB in all usage scenarios.

- One content database can support upto 60 million items including including list, library, app etc.

- A site collection can have 2,50,000 sites or sub sites.

- A SharePoint 2013 list and library can contain 30 million of items or documents.

- A user can belongs to maximum of 5000 groups.

- A SharePoint 2013 site collection can contain 2 million users.

- A SharePoint site collection can contain 10000 SharePoint groups.

- A web application can contain 5 zones.

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