Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More ways to share documents or sites in SharePoint 2013

In this article we will discuss about more ways to share documents in SharePoint 2013. You can also check my previous articles on change master page in SharePoint 2013, Oauth in SharePoint 2013.

- You can now store personal documents in a single, personal library, accessible from anywhere - your "SkyDrive." This takes the place of sorting documents into either "Shared Documents" or "Private Documents." All documents in the library are initially private until you decide to share them.

- Use the new Share command to quickly share documents or sites. You can invite people to share specific documents and control what they can do with them (read, write, and so on). You can also use the Share control to:

-Share a document or site with a select group of people through a "selective people" link. Quickly find out who’s sharing a document or site.

- Send a personalized email invitation when you share a document or site.

- Receive alerts in your newsfeed whenever a document gets updated.

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