Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Feature in SharePoint 2013:Spelling Correction

In this article we will discuss about one of the new feature of SharePoint 2013 related to search. In my previous articles we have discussed about various new features of SharePoint 2013 as well as Shredded Storage new feature in SharePoint 2013, Working with Client object model in SharePoint 2013 etc.

- In SharePoint 2013 if a user enters a word in a search query that seems to a misspelled, then the search results page displays query spelling corrections, like in google search. This is also known as "Did you mean?".

- This is hosted in Termstore.

- You can add terms to the Query Spelling Exclusions and the Query Spelling Inclusions list to influence how query spelling corrections are applied or not. It takes up to 10 minutes for any changes to the Query Spelling Exclusions or the Query Spelling Inclusions list to take effect.

- You can only include or exclude single words.

To view the term store management tool:
Open SharePoint Central Administration, then from the Application Management section, click Manage service applications. Then On the Manage Service Applications page, click the Search service application. On the Search Administration Page, in the Queries and Results section, click Search Dictionaries. The Term Store Management Tool opens.

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