Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New actions in SharePoint designer 2013 workflow: Call Web Service Action and Start workflow action

In this post we will discuss about new action in SharePoint designer 2013 workflow know as "Call Web Service" action and "Start workflow" action. Also you can check my previous posts on:

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Call Web Service Action:
Sharepoint designer has added number of new workflow actions. One among that is "Call
Web Service Action". This action enables designers to call REST services and OData web services. This action will make an HTTP web service call and return the data in the JSON format.

This action could be used to call any website that exposes web-based APIs.

This action is available when you select the SharePoint 2013 workflows and can be added to the design surface using the new Shapes or the Actions drop down.

Start workflow action:
The Start Workflow Action has been added to allow SharePoint 2013 workflows to start SharePoint 2010 workflows direction from the workflow.

This can be added directly from the shapes or workflow action menu. Once configured the existing sharepoint 2010 workflows are ready to use again without any modification.

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