Friday, December 20, 2013

What is SharePoint Online?

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- SharePoint Online is a web-based service that is hosted outside your organization in the cloud, instead of residing on a server in your organization, or on-premises. And since it is in the cloud, IT infrastructure resides outside your office premises and the infrastructure is maintained by a third party.

- SharePoint Online is a cloud service that you can use to access information and to interact with your team from anywhere and from many types of devices.

- Previously to use SharePoint, we need to install SharePoint software in our organization, But now since cloud services are subscription based we do not need to install SharePoint on our premises.

- Microsoft provides cloud based service through Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online is a part of Microsoft Office 365 that also includes Microsoft Exchange Online for the web-hosted mail service, and Microsoft Lync Online for web-based conferencing.

- Microsoft provides various subscription options also, like you can saw Limits of SharePoint online in Office 365 Small Business plan and Limits for SharePoint Online for Office 365 Midsize Business Plan.

- But based on your requirement you can go for on-premises SharePoint deployment, or a cloud SharePoint Online solution, or a hybrid environment. The hybrid solution combines an on-premises SharePoint deployment with a SharePoint Online cloud solution and delivers a consistent user experience across a combined environment.

- If you are ready now, then you can check this article to know how to create site in SharePoint Online.

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