Friday, May 16, 2014

Package and Deploy workflow in SharePoint 2013 designer

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Now it is a bit easy to package and deploy SharePoint 2013 designer workflow. In SharePoint 2013 you can package a workflow by saving it as a template. Not all the workflows but List Workflow, Site Workflow and Reusable Workflows we can save as a template.

Package Workflow:
Open your workflow, from the Workflow Settings tab in the ribbon, click the Save as Template button in the Manage section.

This by default save the template (.wsp) to the Site Assets library.

Then we can use the template in different sires.

Deploy Workflow:
The workflow package can be deployed to a site in different farm or a site in the same farm. But we need to be sure on the two things below:

1- All workflow dependencies such as lists, libraries, columns, and content types must already exist on the new site.

2- Each dependency must have the exact name of the source dependency.

Before deploying the workflow we need to export the wsp file from the Site Assets library.

Open the SharePoint 2013 designer and then navigate to the Site Assets library where the template is located. Select the workflow template and Click the Export File button to save the template file to your local computer.

Then Open the SharePoint 2013 site which you want to deploy the workflow. Then Click Site Actions and select Site Settings. And then in the Web Design Galleries section click Solutions.

Then Click the Upload Solution button to upload the solution

One the solution uploaded successfully, Activate the solution by clicking the Activate button.

After a workflow solution has been activated for a site collection, it is available as a feature for all sub-sites. 

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