Friday, May 16, 2014

SharePoint 2013 designer workflow discontinued features

In this post we will see the list of discontinued features in SharePoint designer workflow. Also you can check out:

- Promoted Links App in SharePoint 2013

- Content by Search (CBS) Web Part in SharePoint 2013

- New actions in SharePoint designer 2013 workflow: Call Web Service Action and Start workflow action

Microsoft removed some of the key features of SharePoint designer workflow. But in SharePoint Designer 2013, you can still create a SharePoint 2010 Workflow and use all of the SharePoint 2010 Workflow features by choosing the SharePoint 2010 Workflow platform.

Below are some of Actions that are not there in SharePoint 2013:

- Stop Workflow
- Start Document Set Approval Process
- Set Content Approval Status
- Add List Item
- Inherit List Item Parent Permissions
- Remove List Item Permissions
- Replace List Item Permissions
- Start Approval Process
- Start Custom Task Process
- Start Feedback Process etc.

Below are the Conditions which are not there in SharePoint 2013:
If current item field equals value
Check list item permission levels
Check list item permissions

Below Steps is not there in SharePoint 2013:
Impersonation Step:

You can check out the MSDN article for a full URL.

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