Friday, September 21, 2012

SharePoint 2013 supported browsers

This article describes about SharePoint 2013 supported browsers. Also you can check here for Hardware and software requirement for SharePoint 2013 and also check here SharePoint 2013 video tutorials for IT pros.

Internet explorer:
Internet explorer 9 32-bit, Internet explorer 8 32-bit. Also it supports Internet explorer 9 64-bit, Internet explorer 8 64-bit with some limitations.

Not Supported:
SharePoint 2013 does not support Internet explorer 6 or Internet explorer 7.

Mozilla Firefox:
SharePoint 2013 supports Mozilla Firefox 64-bit with limitations.
Not Supported:
Mozilla Firefox 32-bit

Google Chrome:
SharePoint 2013 supports Google chrome 64-bit with limitations.
Not Supported:
Google chrome 32-bit

Apple Safari:
SharePoint 2013 supports Apple Safari  32-bit with limitations.
Not Supported:
Apple Safari  64-bit

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