Friday, October 12, 2012

New Embed Code in SharePoint 2013

As we know SharePoint 2013 provides few new features. We will discuss one more new feature in this article. In my previous article we have discuss about SharePoint 2013 Apps and Mobile Apps in SharePoint 2013.

In SharePoint 2013 it is now easy to add video, javascript or HTML code. We can do it with Script editor web part. But there is also another option know as Embed Code in SharePoint 2013.

This option will be available when you will edit the page, in the Ribbon you will able to see Embed Code button in the Insert tab in the Ribbon. If you click on Embed Code button it will show a textbox type where you can put the javascript code or Html code or even youtube embed code. This is a very useful content management feature. Check out the figure below:

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