Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hosting options in SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint 2013 app model 2 types of hosting options which will replace SharePoint 2010 sandboxed solutions and farm solutions. The 2 app hosting options are:
- SharePoint hosted app
- Cloud-hosted apps

- SharePoint hosted app:
The SharePoint-hosted app is an app manifested inside of SharePoint and lives only inside of SharePoint. With a SharePoint-hosted app, there is no code running on the server, all code must run in the client.

A SharePoint-hosted app is effectively an .aspx page full of JavaScript.

- Cloud-hosted apps:
Cloud-hosted apps are actually any app hosted outside of the SharePoint server. This can be hosted in local IIS server in the same data center. Cloud-hosted apps enable server-side code that communicates with SharePoint.

Cloud-hosted apps provides two distinct deployment methods:
- The provisioner hosted app
- The Azure auto-hosted app

- The provisioner hosted app:
The provisioner-hosted app enables the developer to defi ne his own infrastructure, regardless of whether this infrastructure is a local server or a cloud service provider such as or even Azure.

Provisioner-hosted app deployment model contain additional servers are required to meet the needs of the SharePoint environment.

- The Azure auto-hosted app:
An Azure auto-hosted app is an app created in SharePoint that includes a web project and a SQL project. When the app is installed from either of the two market places, the app's web deployment manifest is automatically delivered to Azure, which automatically and invisibly provisions an Azure website service and an optional Azure SQL database instance. The application's back-end infrastructureand server-side code is completely abstracted away from the developer and the user.

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