Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to change site logo in SharePoint 2013?

In this post we will discuss how we can change site logo in SharePoint 2013. Also you can check out my previous posts on:

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Follow below steps to change the logo in the SharePoint 2013 site:

From the Settings Icon click on Site Settings as shown in the fig below:

Then from the Site Settings page, Go to the Look and Feel section. Then click on Title, description and logo link as shown in the fig below:

This will open the dialog box to change the logo. In SharePoint 2013, there are 3 options to upload a logo. "FROM COMPUTER" will allow you to browse the logo from you computer. But it will put the logo in the Site Assets document library.

"FROM SHAREPOINT" allows you to browser from one of the Libraries.

Apart from this you can also directly paste your logo URL. check fig below for the 3 options.

After this click on OK, you logo will appear in the site.

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