Monday, May 19, 2014

Cross-site publishing in SharePoint Server 2013

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Cross-Site Collection Publishing feature in SharePoint Server 2013 works like you use one or more authoring site collections to author and store content, and one or more publishing site collections to control the design of the site and to show the content. The authoring site collection contains catalogs, such as Pages libraries and lists, which contain content that is tagged with metadata. These catalogs are indexed by the search system and made available to the publishing site collection. The publishing site collection issues queries for data that has been indexed and shows it on web pages by using Web Parts that use search technology.

When you use cross-site publishing, you create and store content in a different site collection than the site collections where users view the content. The authoring site collection contains Pages libraries and lists, which have been shared as catalogs.

Below is the Steps how it works:

- You create content in libraries and lists in a site collection where cross-site publishing is enabled. You enable these libraries and lists as catalogs.

- You crawl the content in your catalog-enabled libraries and lists. This will add the catalog content to the search index.

- You add one or more Search Web Parts to the site collections where you want to display your catalog content.

- When users view a page, the Search Web Parts issue queries to the search index. Query results are returned from the search index, and shown in the Search Web Parts.

If you change the content content in an authoring site collection, the changes you make are shown across all publishing site collections that are using that same content.

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