Sunday, August 17, 2014

Difference between SharePoint-hosted, auto-hosted and Provider-hosted apps in SharePoint 2013

In this post we will discuss about the different hosting option for apps in SharePoint 2013. There are 3 hosting options SharePoint hosting, provider hosting and azure auto hosting.

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SharePoint hosted app:

This type of App lives inside SharePoint. There is not code running on the server. All code must run in the client. This will have .aspx page but lots of JavaScript code that will implement the logic via client side script and service calls.

Auto-hosted and Provider-hosted apps comes under cloud hosted app. These apps hosted outside of SharePoint server. Since its hosted outside of SharePoint server you have the freedom to develop an app using any language like PHP, Java or .Net. You can write server side code here which will communicate with SharePoint server. Here it will use OAuth protocol for authentication mechanism.

Provided hosted app enables developer to define its own infrastructure which may be a dedicated server or may be a cloud server provided by providers like Amazon.

Azure auto hosted app is available with Office 365. It contains a web project and a sql project. If you are a Office 365 customer and selected the azure autohosted deployment option, then it automatically wired up al the integration to Azure.

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