Saturday, September 13, 2014

Steps to Add hyperlink in Infopath 2013

There are two ways we can add hyperlink to a Infopath 2013 form. Here we will discuss both the ways to do this.

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We can add hyperlink from the Insert tab which is shown in the below pics. Here user has the option to edit the hyperlink URL and the text to be displayed in it.

Once you put the hyperlink from the Insert tab it will ask you for the Address and Text to be displayed.

The other one is inside the controls list.

Go to the Home tab and then from the Controls click on Hyperlink. Once it will add you will able to see field1 and field 2 under myFields in Fields section. Here field1 is responsible for the URL and field 2 is responsible for the text to be displayed in the hyperlink.

Now right click on field1 and go to the properties, in the properties dialogbox give the URL in the Value textbox as shown in the fig below:

Now right click on field2 and go to properties. In the properties dialogbox in the value textbox give the text to be displayed as shown in the fig below:

Now preview the infopath form, the hyperlink will appear like below.

Hope this will work for both Infopath 2013 and Infopath 2010.

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