Saturday, September 13, 2014

There has been error while loading the form error in Infopath 2013

In this post we will discuss how to resolve the error There has been error while loading the form which comes while opening a published infopath form 2013.

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Recently some users when try to open the infopath form from a link by following this article, some users got the below error.

The error message says.There has been error while loading the form. Click Try again to attampt to load the form again. If this error persists, contact the support team for the web site.

Click close to exit this message.

Error details:
The following file is not a valid infopath form template.

Here the problem in this case was with the URL. First I was giving the below URL:

Then I gave the below URL and it is working now.


Do not know why it is happening but it resolved the issue in my case,

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