Thursday, January 9, 2014

Alerts in SharePoint 2013

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Alert is a good feature in SharePoint 2013. It allows us to sends an email notification or a text message whenever changes are made to the content in a site, including changes made to list items in a list.

The alerts can be set for a list, a library, a folder, a file, or a list item. Through alerts you can set to whom the alert will be send. Also you can set the type of change for which you want an alert to be initiated. You can specify when to send alerts. And also you can set the alert frequency.

How to Setup Alert?

- First Open the list, document library or discussion for which you want to setup the alert.

- Under either the Documents or Library tabs, click on Alert Me as shown in the fig below:

- Then it will open the New Alert dialogbox. There:
- give a title for the Alert.
- you can enter the username or email address to which you want to send the alerts.
- You can select the Change type for which you can send the alert etc as shown in the fig below:

Then click on OK.

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