Sunday, January 5, 2014

Steps to create document library in SharePoint 2013

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A library is a location where you can create, update and manage files within other team members. Libraries are used to store files and also it contains metadata information so that you can easily filter, sort and group items in the libraries.

When ever you will create a new SharePoint team site, a generic document library name as "Documents" got created.

Follow below steps to create a document library:

- Open the SharePoint 2013 site. Then click on Settings icon and then select Add an app.

- This will open the Apps page. From this click on the Document Library, this will open the Adding Document Library dialog box. In this dialog box, There give a name for the document library and click on Create as shown in the fig below:

- This will open the document library, there you can add document by click on + new document link or you can upload document by using the drag files to the document library. 

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