Thursday, January 9, 2014

Remote event receivers in SharePoint 2013

In this post we will discuss about Remote event receivers in SharePoint 2013.

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Remote event receivers are new in SharePoint 2013. Remote event receivers works same as normal event receivers. We use remote event receivers for an app, when the app  is on a different system from its host web application.

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) uses remote event receivers attached to external lists and entities to allow you to write code that can react to changes in data hosted in the external system.

Event receivers are not supported in sandboxed solutions.

By using Visual Studio 2012 you can create a remote event receiver by using a template.  When you create a remote receiver, by default it add two methods in the service.
- ProcessEvent(): This event handles events that occur before an action occurs, such as when a user adds or deletes a list item.

- ProcessOneWayEvent(): This event handles events that occur after an action occurs, such as after a user adds an item to a list or deletes an item from a list.

You can create remote event receiver for Auto-hosted, Provider-hosted hosting model. But you can not make event receiver for SharePoint-host hosting model.

Remote event receivers are supported at the list and list item level.

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