Monday, October 27, 2014

Set People Picker field to empty or blank in SharePoint designer workflow

Sometimes you need to set a people picker field value to empty in some condition in in SharePoint designer workflow.

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I have a scenario like this:
I have a customized SharePoint InfoPath list form which contains a People picker field. Whenever user submit the form an email will trigger to the email id presented in the people picker. Now my requirement is to set the people picker blank once the email sent. So tried various solution like created a variable and set it to empty and then assign that variable to the people picker. Then created another people picker field and assign that people picker in the Set value to value action. This also did not work for me.

The solution which work for me is in the Set value to value (Set field in Current Item action), I did like Set EmailTo to [space]. Here space means a space without bracket.

Not sure whether it is correct approach or not, and if you have any better option then please Share with us.

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