Saturday, October 25, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Disable Windows Authentication prompt

In this post we will discuss how to disable the windows authentication prompt which we usually got while opening a SharePoint site. If you are working in your local system and every time it is asking for user name and password it is better to save the authentication so that it will not ask repeatedly.

Open Internet Explorer, then click on Tools -> Internet options.
Then in the Internet Options dialog box, Click on "Security" tab.
Then click on "Local Intranet" -> Custom level..
This will open the Security Settings - Local Intranet Zone.
There scroll down to end you will find "User Authentication" and then Logon.
Here choose the radio button "Automatically login with current user name and password".
Click OK.

Then restart your IE browser.

Now it should not ask you to enter windows credentials details.

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